Ananth Murthy , MD

Director, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and Craniofacial Clinic

Ananth Murthy Dr. Ananth Murthy is our very own “Doogie Howser,” having completed his undergraduate degree at 19 years old. He earned his medical degree by the time he was 22 years old. Now he is a seasoned pediatric plastic and reconstructive surgeon who specializes in treating cleft lip and palate, vascular anomalies, birth defects and reconstruction after injury. Dr. Murthy has received coverage in an ongoing, in-depth Akron Beacon Journal series on a child who has undergone surgery to rebuild his ear. The series focuses on his research to help patients grow their own cartilage. Dr. Murthy also is researching drugs to treat birthmarks. He is an expert on a variety of plastic surgery topics, including treating dog bites, removal of birth defects, and reshaping of the skull.