H1N1: What Parents Need to Know

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What is the difference between H1N1 and the regular flu?  Should my child get vaccinated?  How can my kids avoid getting sick?  Questions about the H1N1 virus are spreading faster than the disease itself.  So, what do parents need to know?  On November 12th at 12:30pm EST, viewers can get their questions answered during a live web chat from Akron Children's Hospital.  Norman Christopher, MD, Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics at Akron Children's Hospital will be joined by pediatrician P. Cooper White, MD, and cardiologist and Ask Children's host, Grace Smith, MD, to answer viewer questions about H1N1 during the 30 minute program.



Norman Christopher

Norman Christopher, MD

Norman Miller Chair, Department of Pediatrics

P. Cooper White

P. Cooper White, MD, FAAP

Director, Locust Pediatric Care Group

Grace Smith

Grace Smith, MD, FAAP, FACC

Director, Heart Center Boardman; Associate Dir., Arrhythmia Center